Yellow Bento Bag

14.99$ 19.99$

Details :

  • Item: Bento Bag
  • Material: Fabric and aluminum
  • Function : Isothermal
  • Color : Yellow
  • Size : 21*17*15cm

Don't forget to eat with this bright yellow bento bag.

Do you often forget to eat at work? This insulated bento bag is the solution for you! It is ideal for carrying a box of food and making it visible at work.

A bag designed to last over time and with which you won't skip any more meals. The quality materials protect your food from temperature changes. The size of the bag is perfect for one or two meals.

The yellow bento bag is the most visible of our range. It allows you not to forget your meal or to adopt an assumed style. The fish drawn on it represents the Japanese gastronomy very much used to cook bento.

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