Simply Minimalist Bento

48$ 84.88$

Simply Minimalist Bento


👍 Features :

  • Microwave passable
  • Easy to wash
  • Practical
  • Eco-Friendly


A modern and simple bento :

Here is a modern and simple bento that will allow you to take either your leftovers or your complete meal with you so that you are never hungry or so that you can enjoy a preserved meal on any occasion. Thanks to these different food preservers you will just have to put your bento in the fridge before you leave to be able to keep your food in your bento well out for many hours without any risk of contamination. Two meal tiers with an extra one for your cutlery are available to help you eat healthier. So if you want to enjoy a quiet moment, just take this bento and sit down to enjoy it and make the most of your time.
This bento contains all the necessary cutlery so that you can eat inside.

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