Simply bento

49$ 74.21$

Simply bento

👍 Features :

  • Capacity 1L
  • Easy to wash
  • With Bag or Not
  • Thermal Insulation

A simple yet practical bento :

Thanks to the delicacy of this bento and its charming look, you will be able to go out with the look of a real gentleman or a gentlewomen to have a hot or cold meal after your busy workout or during your lunch in the cafeteria of your school or work. Thanks to the small ruler provided with which you can use to separate your dishes so that your cooked flavor does not get mixed up. You can also separate the dish and the dessert for example in each floor of your bento lunchroom. Once you have finished your dish on the floor above, you can simply remove it and go on to the next one. Thanks to its elastic band that is easy to store and to unfold to close your bento in a hemertic way so your food doesn't escape.
A pair of chopsticks and a sauce spoon is included with the bento lunch.

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