Bento Wood Traditionnal Japanese

35$ 53.87$

Bento Box Mini Wood

👍 Features :

  • 100% Wood
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to take away
  • Eco-Friendly

A real authentic japanese bento :

Here is a preview at of the first bento made of authentic wood from a long lineage. So you can feel really Japanese while eating raw rice and fish in this unique 100% wooden box. Its oval shape will remind you of beach pebbles while its closing and locking system is as old-fashioned as ever: a simple but classic elastic band. So you can get to your samurai cosplay and walk around with your bento to look good on the street or in your office.
This bento includes a set of Chinese chopsticks as well as a soup spoon and a wooden fork, all 100% made of wood to eat all your meals easily.

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