Bento Food Storage

16$ 24.44$

Bento Food Storage

👍 Features :

  • Capacity 1L
  • Easy to wash
  • With Bag or Not
  • Thermal Insulation

Convenient for storing your meals :

Easily store your meal or your leftovers with this bento worthy of a large tupperware and a large leftover container. If you only need a box, then this bento will be perfect for wasting food and keeping them for your working lunch in your fridge. So when you go to work, take this bento and you'll have a ready-made meal. No more broccoli rotting in your fridge and also your wallet will appreciate this good deed. The clips are perfect to close hermetically with the seal so that your liquids or sauces don't slip into your bag.
This bento doesn't include a set of cutlery or chopsticks to eat since it's just used to keep and eat your leftovers.


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