Bento Chinesse Minimalist

17$ 26.28$

Bento Chinesse Minimalist


👍 Features :

  • Ready to eat
  • Easy for taste
  • Practical
  • Eco-Friendly


Easy to take away practical to taste:

This bento doesn't look but is disconcertingly simple because, unlike all the other bentos, this one has the particularity of having 3 distinct compartments so that you can put your main dish in the biggest one and your side dishes in the two smaller ones. So a rice or a starchy food with a sauce and a meat will be ideal in this bento because the starchy food in big quantity will give you a carbohydrate contribution and will allow you not to be hungry anymore. Its elastic band is classic and yet relatively resistant in case of a hard enough frontal impact and yet will resist so that your Chinese bento doesn't fall over or your feeder falls into your bag.

This bento comes with a set of Chinese chopsticks and a pair of fork covers and a sauce spoon so that you can have a comfortable meal.

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