Bento Box Sober

22$ 33.80$

Bento Box Sober


👍 Features :

  • Microwave Passable
  • Easy to wash
  • Carton
  • Eco-Friendly


A bento box similar to a classic conversation box:


This two-in-one Bento will allow you to store dry ingredients or make a meal to eat on the go. With its snap-on lid, you can put even the most liquid sauces in your lunch box without it spilling or leaking out. Suitable for use in the microwave, we still advise you to leave the lid half open to let out the steam that could burn you while heating it up.  Infinitely customizable, your bento will be able to host all kinds of meals, even for your friends and share a hearty meal of sauce of tomato with tofu or beef for meat lovers for example. We suggest you don't put it in your freezer so as not to interfere with its classic use. Available in different colours such as Pink Turquoise Blue or Matte Beige: you will be able to have the complete collection without it looking the same. Stackable with their lid system you will be able to make straight and not unbalanced shelves. This bento contains no cutlery.

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