Bento Box Simply

46$ 69.30$

Bento Box Simply

👍 Features :

  • Leakproof
  • Easy to wash
  • Color choice
  • Stainless Steel

    A simple but effective bento box:

    Thanks to this easy-to-use bento designed for a meal you can amaze your friends by preparing it the night before or in the morning for lunch or for a snack. Divided into three compartments, one of which can hold a larger quantity: this bento box can hold a maximum of three dishes without mixing up the tastes. Thanks to it, you can eat your sweet or savoury food without your tomato sauce dripping into your custard with its brownie. Vegan friends, you will be able to vary your pleasure of broccoli for example accompanied by Onigiri to add some Japanese style to your plate. The Bento box lunch is also suitable for a small child who needs to eat mashed potatoes or soups. As the bento itself is not microwaveable, we strongly advise you not to use it to reheat your food: you can use it in the oven thanks to the removable tray that allows you to separate the lunch plate from the bento itself. Different colors are available: green, pink, beige, and blue. So if you wish, you can get our different range of bento plates to have all similar colors and make a big bento set.
    This bento set comes with chopsticks and a soup spoon.

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