Bento Box New generation 2020

41$ 61.65$

Bento Box New generation 2020

👍 Features :
  • Microwave Passable
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to store
  • Eco-Friendly

A sleek design and light weight to make life easier:

Thanks to its thin plastic cover, it will fit better than a classic bento in your bag and will lighten your back. Its elastic band will keep your simmered meat stir-fry from overflowing all night long, while the cutlery inside will help you to enjoy it. Inside you will find two large compartments, one of which will allow you to store smaller things such as grains of corn or other fresh raw vegetables. Its oval shape makes it easier to hold it while you eat it. Also you can, like most of our bentos, heat up your boxed lunch in the microwave to eat a well deserved hot Japanese meal. We advise you not to put it in the freezer as this will damage its coating. Its lid has a false bottom so you can attach your cutlery and chopsticks to eat without worrying about losing them. Dishwasher safe at a gentle temperature, we still suggest you wash it by hand.
This bento set includes a set of one spoon and chopsticks.

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