Bento Box Mini Wood

36$ 54.23$

Bento Box Mini Wood

👍 Features :
  • 100% Wood
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to take away
  • Eco-Friendly

A bento lunch box to take away for a small snack or a complete light meal:

Thanks to this box easily stored in a small bag you can eat your snack or controlled portion like a veggie salad with carrot and salad with crispy onions and why not small sushi. The wooden bound box will allow you to impress your friends and present simple recipes in a small box or even bring back your leftovers. The minimalist size of these boxes will be suitable for one or more children for a snack or more particularly their school lunch without you needing to cook directly.
The lid of this box is not cumbersome since it is perfectly positioned under the box itself and will allow you to eat without overflowing the food. This bento-box exists in two different sizes and formats: an oval and a rectangular one. The rectangular one is slightly larger than the oval one, so we recommend the oval one for adult portions and the oval one for smaller portions like the children's one. The wooden bento boxes are handmade and hand-bound in wood and have 3 different compartments to hold 3 different dishes (starter + main courses + desserts) so as not to mix flavours.

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