Bento Box Menu Picnic

32$ 48.92$

Bento Box Menu Picnic


👍 Features :

  • Microwave Passable
  • Easy to wash
  • 3 Storage levels
  • With Spoon / Chopstick

3 levels of bento boxes for a generous 3-course meal:

Thanks to this copious lunch box (up to 2 good portions) you will be able to separate your 3 dishes intelligently: starter + main course + dessert or 1 course and 2 desserts for more happiness. The different variants correspond to the different trays available for your bento lunch: 1, 2 or 3 tiered compartments depending on your level of appetite. Its sober and summery design will allow you to walk around with your hip in a pleasant way and to have a quiet lunch with your rices balls with your soy sauce while keeping them fresh for up to 1 hour. To keep them cooler you can add ice in the last tray at the bottom to allow you to talk longer about your dish and dessert. Its restaurant menu design will make you look like a waiter while you carry it. This bento box is served with cutlery consisting of a fork and a soup spoon: both are of course reusable.

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