Bento Box Cafeterian Dish

37$ 56.30$

Bento Box Cafeterian Dish

👍 Features :

  • Capacity 1L
  • Easy to wash
  • With Bag or Not
  • Thermal Insulation

One of the simplest and easiest bento programs to use:

With this bento, rediscover the pleasure of eating to your children or even to you during your snacks. Stackable and 100% customizable, you will be able to take a bento adapted to your meal and your diet. For example, you can take the bento has two compartments: one for your soup and the other for your chocolate cake all in one box. Its food preservation function allows you to prepare your meal the night before for the next day or fill it with leftovers to avoid food waste. Several variations exist for this item such as an adapted bag that will allow you to put your bento lunch in it so you can travel light. Pink, Beige, Turquoise and light brown are the different colours available to brighten up your dishes and your bag during your hikes or your snack for example. Also the maximum capacity of its boxes is 1L or kg which will allow you to take away either big portions for copious meals or to share for example with a vegetarian friend. However, the use of this bento from a microwave is very unadvised as well as the freezing method with or without food and as much unadvised in case it would damage it. This bento comes with cutlery for all the variants available.

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