Bento Biscuit

26$ 40.10$

Ancestral Bento


👍 Features :

  • Ready to eat
  • Easy to wash
  • Practical
  • Biscuit easy


A huge bento cookie :

A huge cookie has been transformed into a small bento so that you can use it to eat your precious meal cooked with care. Thanks to the bento which favors raw vegetables and vegetables you can eat your salad with your dressing so that it doesn't wither because it could deteriorate out of the storage container. Thanks to its side clips you will be able to remove its lid easily to enjoy your meal fresh and away from any light. Its round and at the same time cylindrical shape will remind you of a salad bowl and will allow you to put any kind of small healthy ingredients just as much as the others.
This bento is served with a covered set including a small fork and a teaspoon.

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