Bento acier inoxydable

36,90€ 49,90€

Bento box stainless Steel


👍 Features :

  • Ready for lunch
  • Easy to wash
  • Practical for meal
  • Eco-Friendly


Japanese but in stainless steel :

Here's a bento that has hard charisma and is stainless. If you like raw metal or old-fashioned retro, you will surely like this bento reminiscent of fordism at its peak. Several variants are available for this bento box stainless steel, their big difference and the organization of their compartments. So thanks to this bento box you will be able to store all your food much more easily and longer during your long sports or work sessions and you will only have to eat to enjoy it. Its closed military clip with a resistant lid and a notch will be able to hold your sauces and so you won't risk to put them everywhere in your things or in your bag.

No chopsticks or cutlery is provided with this bento unfortunately.

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