Bento Box Natural style

53$ 79.70$

Bento Box Natural style


👍 Features :

  • Wood and Stainless
  • Easy to wash
  • Natural Style
  • Eco-Friendly


An original style for a rustic bento:


Thanks to this bento, eat a meal cooked by yourself and reveal to your friends and family the secret of your healthy and balanced cooking. Here's a simple bento allowing you to enjoy your pre-cooked meals and eat seasonal vegetables and fruits with peace of mind. The lid will be useful for cutting your food like the ones for soup and will be a all-in-one to pour them correctly into your bento. Surprise your family by bringing a delicious dish such as a dessert from Japanese food in this rustic bento or share a friendly moment with friends. The elastic band will allow you to squeeze your bento so that your food doesn't escape, but we advise you not to put liquids in it since it is not its normal use. We also advise you not to put your bento in the microwave to warm it up: prefer the oven or cold meals. There are several versions of this bento, since there are two versions: one in 800ml and one in 1200ml depending on what you want to take with you and what you want to eat.
This bento comes neither with a spoon nor a fork.

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