Bento Box Designed Support Phone

22$ 33.48$

 Bento Box Designed Support Phone

👍 Features :
  • Microwave Passable
  • Easy to wash
  • Capacity 600ml
  • Eco-Friendly


The perfect bento box to surf on your phone while eating :

With a capacity of 600ml this yumbox will allow you to eat your tempura always hot thanks to its insulated container holding hot and cold up to one hour of food safety packaging. Its lid with ventilation will allow you to reheat your lunch in a microwave without overflowing or splashing it. Simply clip on the rectangular knob to let air through and then put it in the microwave. It can hold small sandwiches and can also be used to hold sauces such as soy sauce or rice balls.
Closing the lunch box is not the only usefulness as it also allows you to hold your phone during your meal so that you can play or use it in an optimal way with its 60° angle which reduces the loss of sight due to the sun. For further optimization the holder can be folded down to close the bento quickly during the hours of quick breaks. This bento box is recommended for small portions. In three different colour variations they can brighten up your work bag and still have room for your belongings.  The bento-box is not supplied with kitchen utensils or chopsticks.



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