Bento Cute Japan |
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Bento Cute Japan

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Bento Tableware Leakproof |
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Bento Wheat Fiber |
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Bento Wheat Fiber

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Bento Simply Tablet |
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Bento Princess kids |
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Bento plate picnic

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Bento Appertif

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Bento Set Grey

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Japanese Bento Box for Kids
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Bento Simply bag

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Bento Bamboo Fiber Kids |
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Carry your soups with the leakproof bento boxes.

Do you love sauce dishes or soups? Opt for a waterproof bento lunch box. Thanks to the silicone seals and special materials, you can buy bento lunch boxes that don't let liquids through. Reliable closing systems are essential to avoid dirtying your bag or car when transporting your food. Finally, enjoy your favorite dishes from anywhere, without being afraid to spill them. Waterproof bento lunch boxes are essential for traditional or Japanese cooking.