Bento LeakProof School

39$ 59.94$

Bento LeakProof School


👍 Features :

  • Ready for cook
  • Easy to wash
  • Practical
  • Thermos-conductible


Hermetic and resistant like a real bento:

Here's a real bento that looks like a real bento with this strong hinge able to support its weight as well as its container when you go from point A to point B . Able to keep warm as well as cold, you will be able to enjoy some respite by preparing your meal the day before for lunch the next day or for the evening. So you can use this bento for all kinds of outdoor activities and use it when you want to eat quickly and easily. If your meal becomes or is hot a notch is opened on the top of the lid so that the steam escapes easily.

No cutlery is provided with this bento lunch kit.


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