Traditionnal Bento Box

44$ 66.83$

Traditionnal Bento Box


👍 Features :

    • LeakProof
    • Easy to wash
    • Used for art of bento
    • Eco-Friendly

A classic but very traditional Japanese bento box:

Thanks to this bento offer Japanese food: from onigiri to the very famous sushi and spicy and fried onions, the Japanese choice is wide! This bento can keep your food warm for 2 hours once the hot water has been put in and the lid closed. This bento will keep your food warm like the principle of a hot water bottle. Used by Japanese people to go to work with a snack for lunch, this lunch box will serve you during your lunch break as well as your hikes and walks in the forest or in the mountains. Its design inspired by the classic bentos box has been revisited to keep you warm for longer. Several colors are available depending on availability and your preference to fit your lifestyle and clothing: pink, blue and black.
This bento doesn't include cutlery or chopsticks.

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