Bento Box Triple Layer Letian

37$ 56.88$

Bento Box Triple Layer Letian


👍 Features :

  • Microwave passable
  • Easy to wash
  • 3 Layer
  • Eco-Friendly


An American family bento box:


Thanks to this compact and family-friendly bento box, you can take the dishes of each member of your family in a single bento box. Its particularity is that you can stack each bento on top of the other. Its limit is what you can carry, of course, but its light weight will help you carry it especially if you take it in a bag. No more impractical utensils or microwave heating, because thanks to this lunch box you will be able to take your lunch with you, always hot, thanks to its heat retention system in a hot water bain-marie. The handle on the top as well as its side clips will make sure you don't fall down and that your tofu sauces don't leak. Designed to last from 1h to 2h with its heat retention system you can take it with you to your meetings or go for a walk with it to have a hot meal even above a mountain. We do not recommend putting it in the microwave but if you wish you can put it in a freezer to keep homemade ice cream cool for example.
This bento comes with a set of cutlery.

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