Bento Box Metal simple

45$ 68.94$

Bento Box Metal simple


👍 Features :

  • Stainless Steel
  • Easy to wash
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Eco-Friendly



A lunch box that lasts over time:


Waterproof and lightweight this bento box looks like a tough one! Its ingenious system of side clips will allow you to close it easily, keeping liquids and solid food in place with simple seals. With its adjustable compartmentalization thanks to a plastic tab, you will be able to adjust your bento box so that you have compartments just with their contents. Also, the different sweet or salty foods won't touch each other so as not to mix the flavours of apple and soy sauce, which can be awful. We do not recommend putting it in a microwave to heat it or anything else but you can put it in your freezer if you need it. The double bottom of your bento will be used to keep your dish warm by adding hot water so that the dish always stays at the right temperature. On the lid there is a lid to allow you to air your bento if you need to. It's up to you whether you want sun-drenched fruit salads, grated carrots and broccoli or lettuce! Several colours are available (depending on stocks) to brighten up your dishes and add a touch of novelty: green, beige or even pink!
This bento does not contain a set of cutlery: neither a fork nor chopsticks.

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