Bento Easy Salad

24$ 37.40$

Bento Easy Salad


👍 Features :

  • Ready for salad
  • Easy to wash
  • Practical
  • Eco-Friendly


A special bento salad that is easy to eat:

Here's a special bento for salad eaters or eaters of all kinds of vegetables or even fruits to allow you to eat healthy and easily because a rectangular bento is poorly adapted for a salad leaf that can crush. So if you have several vegetables that you want to separate small compartments exists for this box to allow you to eat all kinds of small raw vegetables. Also the manufacture of this bento made of recycled plastic will allow you to keep your vegetables in the best possible way rather than in the open air and preferably sheltered from light.

This bento will be supplied with a pair of cutlery including a teaspoon and a fork as well as a cup for the sauce.

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