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Bento Cute Yokai

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Bento Cute Japan

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Bento Bamboo Cover

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Bento Triskel

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Bento Easy Salad

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Bento Appertif

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If you're looking for a handy and easy to take with you while taking a good amount: you're in the right collection! Thanks to this kind of bento you can take all kinds of light or normal meals with you, just like a classic bento. The standard sizes vary from small to light standard but are still lunch boxes that can be stored in a normal bag or purse. In classic situations of normal hunger the portion that can be taken away will be perfect for a person who is not obese or even an athlete. For a child, for example, it will also be perfect since it will only take a little less to make the perfect meal portion.

A small box for snacks

For snacks alone this will go perfectly with a classic meal. Depending on the bentos, the position and partitioning of the portions may vary according to your choice and your taste for the meal, however we recommend you choose a small bento that will suit the adequate food preparation. Also the tight joints of its boxes will be practical so that your meat juices don't leak and your dessert doesn't mix with sweetness. Also be careful not to put your little bentos in a microwave if they are not compatible with it or if it contains metal. These little lunch boxes will be perfect to show off your dishes at work and show your friends and colleagues that you cook perfectly with this Japanese style bento.Also if you're making an appetizer it will be suitable for your friends if they are not numerous otherwise you can choose larger and wider boxes.

Anyway, these smaller bentos will be perfect for any occasion!