Bento Box Round Picnic

29$ 43.65$

Bento Box Round Picnic


👍 Features :

  • Microwave passable
  • Easy to wash
  • 3 Compartments
  • Eco-Friendly


A round bento for better ergonomics:


Thanks to its extended hips due to its shape you won't have any problem to carry it at arm's length even if it is heavy. In this one 3 different compartments: One large and two small ones to allow you to put different foods and to separate for example an apple sauce from your salad. Placed one inside the other the container will allow you to change the container you want in your microwave separately from the others. We strongly advise you not to put the bento in a freezer so that it doesn't break. Different colors are available to brighten up your kitchen or even your meals during your family or inter-professional walks. Offer your colleagues or your superiors a meal worthy of your rank and thus gain in popularity in the company. The two side clips will help you to keep your sauces away from the light without it spilling out.
This bento is not supplied with cutlery.

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