Bento Box Natural Style

32$ 48.38$

Bento Box Natural Style


👍 Features :

  • Microwave passable
  • Easy to wash
  • Natural Style & Compartments
  • Eco-Friendly


Would you like a palm leaf design:


This bento takes the shape of an exotic or classic leaf thanks to its lid with a ribbed palm tree reference. Its atypical design will allow you to better partition your meal in different ways: for example a classic starter, main course and dessert to eat you where you want during a walk or a meeting between colleagues. The particularity of this bento is that beyond its style, your cutlery can be contained in this bento because a margin has been provided for them. Also the mixes between food and various flavors will not be made since split plastic parts won't allow it. So you will be able to eat a hot meal if you need to, since you can put this bento in a microwave, but it won't fit in a freezer. It's up to you and your pet to go for walks in the forest with your family so that everyone has a bento that matches his meal. Different colors are available (depending on the available stock): pink beige and turquoise, so you can add brighter and lighter colors to your dishes and objects.
This bento is supplied with cutlery: a spoon and a fork-knife in beige color each.

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