Bento migratory birds LeakProof

40$ 60.93$

Bento migratory birds LeakProof


👍 Features :

  • Microwave passable
  • Easy to wash
  • Stainless steel
  • Eco-Friendly


Birds are migrating on your bento :

The special feature of this bento lunch box is its lid for two reasons: first of all a beautiful design of birds flying to warm countries and secondly the fact that the false sun that makes it not a bento lunch box is a steam evacuator if you want to heat your food in the microwave so you won't have to open it halfway. Two variations of this model exist for this one: so you can choose the color night blue or a nice pink very matt but very bright to go for example with your assortment of bags or box goods. Enjoy your sushi and makis made the day before and put in the fridge in this bento to have Asian flavors from your lunch during your walks or your work.

This bento includes a set of chopsticks as well as a spoon for sauces and liquids.

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