Bento Box Simply Round Modern

35$ 52.52$

Bento Box Simply Round Modern


👍 Features :

  • Microwave passable
  • Easy to wash
  • 3 Layer
  • Eco-Friendly


One dish more or one dish less won't even show:


Thanks to this bento lunch box, you or your family can have a king's meal thanks to its separate compartments and an infinite number of boxes to stack one on top of the other to put the small dishes in the big ones. Starter, main course and dessert are all included so that you don't lack anything. Japanese food lovers, close your dishes in an airtight bento box so that your sauces don't leak into your bag or elsewhere. Equipped with a metal bottom its bentos will keep your dishes hot thanks to the stainless steel which will be more durable in heat form than a classic plastic box. A removable handle is fixed in the lid on the top will allow you to carry it like a suitcase. The top of each compartment has a small lid to keep the sauce from dripping and also to keep the bottom of the top bento from touching the food for more hygiene.
This bento comes with a covered fork and spoon.


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