Bento Box Mini Compartements

44$ 77.60$

Bento Box Mini Compartements


👍 Features :

  • Microwave passable
  • Easy to wash
  • Mini and cute compartments
  • Stowable



Here is a bento box to master the art of bento:


Like a bento toolkit or a malicious case, this is the perfect bento for your onigiri panda to find refuge in cute compartments.  Composed of small boxes built one against the other, this will allow you to carry the whole thing and to fill your snack with various small things without the need of utensils or tools. Inspired by Japanese bento, these small boxes can be used to store all kinds of small dishes during walks or hikes and will be easily portable thanks to its removable handle or in your bag with its thin thickness. Used also to store your food for up to 1 hour or more depending on their freshness, this bento box will allow you to make culinary preparations on a stand for example for gastronomic demonstrations. Also the side clips will allow you to store a row or two according to your needs if you don't need to take everything. Pink & blue are the colors available on this bento lunch box and the horizontal or vertical variants will allow you to personalize it.
This bento does not come with cutlery or chopsticks.

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