Bento Box Vintage Style

30$ 45.36$

Bento Box Vintage Style


👍 Features :

  • Microwave passable
  • Easy to wash
  • Vintage Style
  • Eco-Friendly

A bento for sober and classic colors:

No need to look young if it's with bright and flashy colors better a sober but practical design. With this bento box, it's just like the case explained above: a very matt style to be useful before being conspicuous! Warm up your food in the microwave with this old-fashioned bento box by arranging your food wisely, making a mix and a farandole of colors so that it's good to eat and good to see. This bento has two compartments, one compartment for storing the cutlery under the lid, and the other one divided in two for your meal and your food. So you won't need to mix the sauce of your yakitori and your Japanese dessert if for example you are cooking exotic food: sweet and salty flavours will not be mixed. However, we advise you not to put your bento in the freezer as we will not be responsible for its wear and tear. The rectangular shape and its matt colour will go unnoticed in your handbag or backpack and will allow you to have a ready-to-use lunch plate.
This bento lunch box includes a set of cutlery: a spoon and a fork.

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