Bento Box Pink and Blue

27$ 41.22$

Bento Box Pink and Blue

👍 Features :

  • Microwave passable
  • Easy to wash
  • Differents compartments
  • Eco-Friendly


An astonishing design for successful meals:

Here is a beautiful lunch box to allow you to eat your favorite food or a Japanese style meal thanks to a compartment system with small interchangeable containers in the box so that your plate looks like a colorful farandole successful with kawaii food. The lid will be useful to reheat it in the microwave to release the steam that comes out of it to prevent you from burning yourself. So with this bento box you can brighten up your meals with colourful food and cute onigiri and create a set of flavours you can share with your friends or colleagues during convivial meals. The different white compartments that fit in your lunch box are designed to avoid mixing sweet and salty flavors and to offer a day and night design during your snacks. Different models are offered to you like a rabbit in the night or a couple of cat in the moonlight according to your desires always with their airtight side clips for you that your sauces do not run.
This unique bento comes with a fork and spoon and a set of white containers.

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