Bento Box Minimalist

36$ 55.17$

Bento Box Minimalist


👍 Features :

  • Microwave passable
  • Easy to wash
  • Good for small things
  • Eco-Friendly


To eat little things for lunch with a special diet:


If you are on a special diet for seeds or foods that are easy to digest or even things not to cook: this lunch box is for you! You can also consider this bento lunch box as a snack, since you can eat it once in a while because it has relatively small parts. Considered by most as the best box to use for storing sliced Japanese mushrooms or small appetizers, this lunch box allows you to use it 2 in 1. Composed of a tray and a lid that also serves as a support, you can take it everywhere with you to discuss your most Japanese dishes. You can put this box in the microwave since it is made entirely of plastic, but please open it in between to allow the steam to escape, especially if your food contains a lot of water. Different models are available from gray to blue color level but the division of the compartments differentiates them since the blue allows you to take a sauce thanks to its round central bowl.
This bento comes with a toothed spoon and does not contain bisphenol.

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