Bento Box Funny for kids

21$ 32.45$

Bento Box Funny for kids


👍 Features :

  • Microwave Passable
  • Easy to wash
  • Easy to make children eat
  • Eco-Friendly


You have difficult children: offer them a fun meal !


With this lidless box for successful meals create a colourful farandole for your child to eat his broccoli and tofu. The shape of its bento is also designed to make children appreciate the idea of eating. Whether it's a boat or a rabbit, whether it's blue or pink, there's something for everyone. Easy to put in the microwave it can be a ready to heat dish holder. Small ones are assorted with this lunch box and will enhance this plate-box for the pleasure of the eyes. We do not advise you to put this box in your freezer, otherwise it will wear out too quickly. The lunch box is divided into several compartments that will allow you to separate starchy vegetables or cheese from dessert and offer choice ingredients (meat or lettuce )  without mixing sweet and savoury flavours. This bento comes with a set of a fork and a spoon.


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