Bento Box Cute Bear

24$ 37.49$

Bento Box Cute Bear


👍 Features :

  • Microwave passable
  • Easy to wash
  • For babys and childs
  • Eco-Friendly


A lunch box to make your child eat whatever his age:


With this bento box you can carry your child's lunch no matter how big he is, because it is adapted to all children. Its cheerful design will remind him of his toys and will allow you to make him eat all kinds of food in the shape of a game. Girl or boy: the choice of color is yours since you can choose between blue and pink: A cute teddy bear or a princess in infantile drawing. Difficult to open for small children, this bento will also serve as a safety device since its hard-to-open clips will prevent your toddlers from doing stupid things and hurting themselves. Divided in two parts inside the box, it will allow you to divide his starter and his main dish or his main dish and his dessert so that for example the asparagus doesn't touch his brownie. You can of course heat this lunch box in a classic microwave without any problem but we advise you not to put it in the freezer. Small utensils will allow you to make baby eat his mashed potatoes but can just as well be used by an adult for a classic meal.
This bento comes with a spoon of chopsticks and a fork adapted to the color of the bento.

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