Lunch box Bowl

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Lunch box Bowl


👍 Features :

  • Ready for baby
  • Easy to wash
  • Eat easy
  • Eco-Friendly


An easy bento for eating mashed potatoes:

Here is a little bento that will delight baby to eat all his vegetables. With its almost completely transparent material, you can easily let your children know that it's time to sit down at the table so that they can almost eat by themselves. Supplied with a baby spoon that can be attached to the lid, this bento lunch box bowl will surprise you with its simplicity and elegance for a child. So he will be able to show you that he can soon eat like a big table without bibs. It can be placed in the microwave for a quick and efficient solution. Just leave it for a few minutes at the right temperature and comfortable for your toddler.

This bento comes with a baby spoon so that you can feed your baby easily so that it fits in his mouth.

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