Bento Santa Claus

29$ 44.01$

Bento Santa Claus


👍 Features :

  • Ready for christmas
  • Easy to eat dips
  • Practical
  • Eco-Friendly


A successful Christmas with a beautiful bento:

This special bento has been released once a year for special occasions as you will have recognized will be perfect to be invited by friends for Christmas. So you can choose to put dips or chocolate or truffles for a buffet or simply as a gift. These Christmas bentos will also be perfect to put away quietly because once your meal or aperitif is finished inside your bentos you will be able to put them inside each other like a matriochka. The same if you want to offer some little treats made by yourself or others like candies, this bento will be perfect to welcome them and have a successful Christmas.

This bento is not served with cutlery or even with chopsticks, unfortunately for storage reasons.

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