Bento Cute Bear Lunch Time

19$ 28.94$

Bento Cute Bear Lunch Time

👍 Features :
  • Ready for food
  • Easy for kids
  • Easy to take away
  • Eco-Friendly

A cute bear bento for a cute kids :

Here's a nice bento lunch box that will make a child smile again or make him happy with a good meal. Thanks to this box, your child will be able to eat his snack or his snack in this little box and you can even put a small burger covered with cheddar. Also each one of these 3 boxes is original for its shapes as well as for its animal panoplies on the lid which is mainly a teddy bear. Although the clips can be solid to close this box hermetically, your child will be able to close it by himself with your help at first but later in total independence once the mechanism is understood by him. You can also teach your child the right way to eat.
This bento doesn't have a cutlery or even a cutlery adapted to a child.

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