Bento Baispo Kids

55$ 82.94$

Bento Baispo Kids


👍 Features :

  • Easy for kids
  • Easy to wash
  • Practical
  • Eco-Friendly


A bento baispo certified :

Here is a bento for children that will even have charm for adults. With its cute lid with little drawings on it and its jovial style beyond its bright color, this bento will surely please your children. Beyond its resistance, your child will be able to go to school with the food his parents made for him with all the love of the world and the pleasure of homemade food. Its different color varieties in its models will allow you to choose between a light jauen, a bright pink or a jovial blue. Also with side ties on the four corners of this box you can be sure that the lid will not come off the box and thus not spill any liquid in your schoolbag.

Unfortunately, this bento lunch box does not contain any cutlery or chopsticks. 

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