Why Bento Box is popular ?

You wonder why bento boxes are used? How did those food carrier boxes end up in your office? Why does your coworker only eat bento?

We are Bento experts and we will answer all your questions.

The Bento Box has become popular because it is very useful for transporting food. In addition, it allows for good portion control.

In this article, we'll find out:

  • The 5 reasons why Bento Boxes are so popular.
  • Why it's the best solution to carry your meals.

The Bento Boxes will no longer hold any secrets for you and you can finally decide to take one if you need one. Let's get started now!

5 Reasons Why Bento Box

1 Fast: Ideal for preparing meals quickly

The Bento Box is perfect for preparing meals quickly and simply. Thanks to its compartments, it is easy to separate various foods and sauces. This means that you can prepare your meal in much less time than usual.

The different parts of the Bento Box also make it possible not to dress up. In fact, with classic lunch boxes it is mandatory to be careful not to mix several dishes. This can take time and becomes much easier and faster with a Bento Box.

2 Healthy: Controlling your portions easily

The use of boxes with compartments to carry food, allows to cook healthier meals. We notice that it is easier to vary food in a reasonable proportion when using Bento boxes.

This feature makes meals healthier, more varied and better for your health. This is a reason that has contributed greatly to the popularity of the Bento lunch box.

3 Simple: Have less washing up to do

The advantage of these Japanese lunch boxes is that they can be used during preparation. You can put cold food, prepared food or not in them. This allows you to reduce the number of washing-up to be done. You just have to put your bento lunch box and cutlery in the dishwasher.

Dishwasher Symbol on Lunch Boxes

4 Taste: Better food preservation

These containers are perfect for storing dishes because :

  • The partitions make it possible to separate the different foods.
  • The tops are hermetically sealed
  • Flavors are not mixed
  • We can use cooler bags

For these reasons, it is easy to understand why Bento Boxes have become so popular and used in the United States and all over the world.

5 Eco-friendly: A transportable and reusable box

The Bento Box is more environmentally friendly to transport than plastic and cardboard packaging. You can clean your container instead of throwing it away. This is a great argument that has helped to make the Bento Boxes known. Since its development, about 10 less plastic packaging per day is thrown away by users. This is a real environmental progress for workers and students.

Find the Bento Box you need

We've seen why bento boxes are popular. In recent years, they have made life easier for consumers, while helping them stay healthy.

Thanks to our article, you'll be able to tell your friends about these wonderful boxes. But do you have a perfect, design and functional one to carry your food in? Or would you like to give this special gift to one of your friends?

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