What Bento means ?

You want to know what Bento means? Do you like the Japanese language? You just want to know what is called bento?

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In this article, we're going to find out:

  • What "bento" means
  • The origins of this word

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What does Bento mean?

The word Bento has two meanings:

First, Bento is commonly referred to as a Japanese meal that is traditionally prepared in a compartmentalized box.

Second, recently, the word Bento has been used for a Japanese take-out meal that is prepared and served with chopsticks in Japanese fast-food restaurants.

The origins of the word Bento.

The origins of Bento

The word Bento comes from the Japanese kanji 弁当, which can be decomposed as follows:

  • 弁 means "prepare (in advance)"
  • 当 " appropriate/just fall".

It is supposed that the word originally meant only the container, the compartmentalized box, and that over time this changed to mean the meal.

Today's Bento

Nowadays, a Bento usually means "a Japanese take-out meal", whereas in the past it was mostly about the box that allows you to prepare the meal in advance.

Today's Bento.

We've explained what the word bento means and its origin in this short article. Now you can explain it to all your friends. However, do you know what has become of Bento these days?

For fans of Japanese culture, it's hard to imagine that the box, which is practical for carrying meals, has only become a fast food item.

This is not the truth! In fact, nowadays it is still possible to prepare delicious meals in your Bento lunch box. Discover our large range of compartmentalized boxes below.

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