How do you keep a bento box cold ?

Do you want to keep your bentos longer ? Are you tired of eating your food hot ?

At Bento Cook, we love food and we have some advice for you.

To keep a bento box cold, you should start by keeping it away from the sun and heat. Food preservation will be more efficient if you use a cooler bento box bag.

In this article, you will discover :

  • The secrets of storing bento lunch boxes
  • The benefits of the cold on food preservation
  • Things to do to cool down your lunch box

You'll know everything about storing food in your bento box. You will be able to keep your meal fresh in all circumstances.

Let's get started immediately.

All about Bento Lunch Boxes

Bento Box information

We will see below how Bento Boxes are designed and what they contain to understand the necessity of cold. This part is short and precise but can be completed by reading our article "Bento Box vs Lunch Box".

What is a Bento Box ?

A Bento Box is a lunch box from Japan. It has its own particularities such as the presence of different compartments.

The Bento Box has become very popular in the United States to carry the meals of Americans. Whether at work, school or university, it is a great ally for those who have decided to eat well.

What's in a Bento Box ?

Foods that are usually eaten cold are often found in these lunch boxes. The dishes are often made with vegetables, meat and rice.

They are also widely used to eat raw fish, such as sushi or sashimi. In most households, food in these portable boxes must be stored for several hours before the owner begins to eat.

Food preservation then becomes a major issue in this form of remote feeding. It is important to limit the development of bacteria and we will see why.

Why preserve food with the cold ?

Cold effect on food

We have seen what bento boxes are for and what they contain. We are now going to ask why it is necessary to protect your food from bacteria development by keeping it at a low temperature.

The effect of cold on food

It is well known that cold keeps food longer, however, not all of us know very well how this process takes place. Cold helps to slow down the spread of bacteria in food.

Bacteria are small, single-celled organisms that live all over the world. They grow in food at room temperature and are responsible for mould and bad odours that can appear on past foods. The cold therefore reduces the activity of these bacteria, which stops their spread.

This is why food is stored in refrigerators and freezers. This allows food to be kept longer, just like we want to do with Bento.

Keeping your meal longer in a box

To store a meal in a box without losing quality, it is not necessary to freeze it. Indeed, for optimal taste and vitamins, bentos need to be at a temperature of 8 degrees Celsus on average, as recent studies show us.

This makes it possible to consume them at the beginning and end of the day, without worrying about alterations due to heat. So how should you keep your preparation cold for a few hours? We are going to see together 3 methods that allow you to avoid the development of bacteria by protecting your food from outside heat.

The 3 Methods to keep your container cold

How to keep bento box cold

We saw together why it is essential to keep the temperature low to keep your bento lunch box during the day. This is the time for you to discover the simple solutions that can make your life easier when you're on the go.

1 - Using a Bento Box Bag

The first method is to use a bento box storage bag. This method is the most reliable and allows you to maintain a low temperature in a fenced space.

There are two advantages to using a Bento Bag:

  • It's convenient to carry and there are bags for all tastes.
  • There is no need to think about it, the cooling is automatic.

Bags to keep Bento Boxes cold are often designed with insulation and cooled with an ice pack that is placed in the compartment provided for that purpose. This keeps your food fresh throughout the day.

Would you like to buy a bag? Discover our Bento Bags.

2 - Protect food from the sun's heat

To avoid eating a bento that would have rotted at the end of your day, we advise you to be very careful in the sun. A single prolonged ray of sunlight can reduce the quality of your meal.

Tip: To avoid taking risks, you should avoid putting your bento box in open air and next to windows.

3 - Don't put your bento box in the car

The last advice is to be careful of forgetfulness. Indeed, forgetting to carry your meal in the car can be a fatal mistake. Cars tend to retain heat and can make your bento inedible in a short time.

Tip: Always pay attention to the back shelf and the glove box when you take your Bento in the car.

Keep your Bento cold without thinking about stress.

We have seen that to keep your meals healthy during several hours, it is necessary to reduce their temperature. Moreover, you have understood how it is possible to avoid overheating food with simple gestures.

Thanks to this article, you have become an expert in the preservation of your meals. The Bento Boxes will be protected from the heat and you will be able to eat them hours after they have been prepared.

However, we are never sure what can happen during a day. (too much sun or a shake)

That's why we offer you to keep your bentos safe in our bento cooler bags. They are designed to keep bentos cool for more than 12 hours.

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