How do Bento Boxes Work

Do you want to understand how a bento lunch box works? Do you want to use a transport box for your food? Don't you understand how it works?

That' s fine, we are bento lunch box professionals, and we'll show you how it works.

Bento Boxes work in a simple way. You can open and close them to carry food. Moreover, they are washable and reusable.

In this article we will see:

  • How a Bento Box really works
  • Illustrated figures to help you transport your food better
  • Methods for washing compartments

What is a Bento Box?

A Bento Box is a container that allows you to transport and organize your food. It is the Japanese equivalent of the classic Lunch Box. It makes it possible to eat healthier by easily varying the ingredients.

How do you open your Japanese lunch box?

How to open a bento box ?

To open a Bento lunch box, simply pull the lid. Lids are very often made with waterproof edges, so you have to lift them on the sides.

How do I put food in the container?

How to prepare a bento box ?

To put food in the compartments of the container, you just have to arrange your food in a simple way. You should avoid mixing all the food to preserve its taste.

How do I close the lid to store food?

How to close a japanese lunch box ?

To close the lid, press it down in a medium way. There is no need to force it too hard, however, it can be useful to force it moderately. The closure feels much better on waterproof lids.

How to wash the compartments?

How to wash a bento Box ?

To wash your Japanese take-out food box, it is important to separate all the compartments if possible.

1- Manual washing

The first solution is to wash all the parts that make up the box, directly in a sink and using your hands.

2 - Washing machine

For compatible Bentos Boxes, a washing machine can also be used to wash all compartments. However, be careful not to leave any parts in the bottom of the dishwasher.

Where can I find a Bento Box that works well?

Now you know how to use a Bento Box because we've seen everything you need to know. Now that you've mastered all the steps to use your bento lunch box, what would you say to having a bento lunch box that works well?

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