Can you bring bento on the plane ?

Can you bring a bento on the plane? Are you tired of paying for your meals at the airport? Do you want to know what you can bring for your flight?

We're Bento professionals, and we'll explain how to check that.

To bring a bento lunch box on a plane, you have to make sure that it doesn't contain any liquid and that the international or national airline company allow you to bring food from outside.

In this article we will see :


  • The utility of a bento box during a flight
  • The most common rules in airplanes
  • How to find out the airline rules about food


You will find out if it is possible to bring your bento lunchbox by plane. Let's start now.

Eating on plane


Why bring a bento box

There are many reasons why people want to take a meal on the plane. They include healthy food, allergies, airport food prices and ecology.

Taking a meal on the plane is a very frequent request from users, but with security problems.

The rules concerning food on airplanes

As we have just seen, there are a lot of people who want to bring their food on the planes. However, it is often forbidden to do this for safety reasons.

Passenger safety can be put at risk, whether it is because of a knife, an unidentified liquid or a fake meal created by terrorists.

The universal rules in aircraft mainly concern liquids that must not exceed 100ml. The rules relating to food vary from airline to airline.

The method to check if it is possible

We have just seen that the rules vary from one airline to another, depending on their size and nationality.

So it is necessary to check the website of the chosen company to see if bento boxes are allowed. If they are allowed, don't hesitate to choose your bento box to have the best meal !

Which bento lunch box to choose for your trip?

We've just seen why it can be interesting to travel with your meal and how to make sure it's possible. You won't have any more problems on this point, but do you really have the perfect bento lunch box for traveling?

You can discover our multifunctional bento lunch boxes to bring your meals in any situation. For travelling, we recommend the Bento Box Lunch, which is strong, compact and light.

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