Can Bento Box be microwaved ?

Welcome, I'm Cindy from Bento Cook and today we're going to see if we can put a bento box in a Microwave. Bento-Cook is an online shop selling bento accessories. Let's start by contextualizing by explaining what a Bento Box is, the different types and its uses to understand the response to the question.

What is a Bento Lunch Box?

A Bento Lunch Box is a box used to conserve food. They are often made with multiple compartments because they are designed for cooking Japanese bentos. Bentos are varied and healthy meals that can be taken away.


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3 The different materials used :

In most cases, there are three materials that compose a Bento Box. From the traditional Japanese use to the use in Lunch Box mode, we often find 3 variations. It is important to understand these differences to know if you can use a microwave or not.

1. Wooden boxes

Wooden Bento boxes have existed since more than 1000 years and come from Japan. They were used to prepare the first bentos and they are still used nowadays to prepare Japanese dishes. As you can easily imagine, they are not very portable (even if there are certain exceptions) and they can be damaged or burned when they go into the microwave.

2. Metal boxes

Metal Bento boxes came later in the context of internationalization. The same is true for the glass bento boxes, which were not very successful. Metal Bentos have the benefit of being transportable for the most part but cannot be microwaved. There is a high risk of explosion with stainless steel and all other metals, which is why they should not be heated in this way.

3. Plastic boxes

Finally, with the progress of technology and the mastery of plastic, a lot of models of plastic Bento Boxes have been created. Innovative plastic boxes come out every day and it is our job to design them. At present, plastic allows us to create microwavable boxes and practical models to transport your meal. However, not all plastic bento boxes are allowed to be microwaved and we will explain why.

Can I put my bento box in the microwave?

Option 1: Yes you can

To put your bento box in the microwave, it has to be made of plastic and have logos to certify its composition. Here is a list of logos you can find on your bento box. If the plastic of your bento box is microwave-certified, you can heat your food with it.

Bento Box Certified logos

Option 2: No, this is not possible.

You don't have a plastic box or you have uncertified plastic. In that situation, I advise you to look at the manual you got with your bento box or contact the manufacturer if it's possible.

Option 3: I don't have a Bento Box adapted to my needs

If your bento box is not microwave-safe, you can order one from our Bento-Cook Shop. We're bento specialists and you're sure to find the box you need on our collection !

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