Are bento boxes healthy ?

Do you want to lose weight? Are you tired of eating badly? Do you want to give your family a healthier life? Are you interested in the art of Japanese Bento?

You are lucky, we are Bento lovers, and we will help you.

In this article, we're going to see:

  • The differences between meals called Bento
  • How to make a healthy Bento
  • The essential step to get started

You will find out if bentos are healthy and how to make one, so let's get started right away!

The different types of bento boxes

Remember that a bento lunch box is a Japanese lunch box with compartments. This box is widely used in the Japanese kitchen. However, the meaning of this expression is varied and Bento Box often refers to take-out food rather than the box.

Types of Bentos

Japanese Fast Food

You often hear the word Bento when ordering a ready-made meal in a Japanese restaurant. Indeed, it is possible to order cardboard Bentos, which can be eaten directly with chopsticks. This form has appeared in the United States, with the effervescence of low quality fast food.

The Bento of supermarkets

Fresh Japanese Bentos can be found in supermarkets all over the world. They consist of sushi and skewers in most cases. Thanks to this, it is easy to eat quickly, however, the prices are quite high.

Classic Japanese Cuisine

Bentos can be found in classic Japanese cuisine. They often contain seaweed and sushi. These Bentos are prepared by real chefs and are therefore of very good quality in Japan, very expensive and of lower quality abroad.

The homemade meal to take away

The last type of Bento is the one we're experts on. These are the Bentos to prepare at home, to take healthy food to work or to your children's school. This type of Bento allows you to eat what you love, eat healthy, respect the planet and save your money.

The 4 steps to make your bento healthy

We've seen the different types of Bentos we're talking about these days. To make a Bento to go with healthy food, you have to follow the 4 steps we will see below.

4 steps - healthy bento

1 - Choose a compartmentalized bento lunch box

First, it is necessary to choose a compartmentalized and reusable box. Thanks to this box, it will be easier to prepare and transport your bento healthy.

2 - Buying healthy ingredients

Then you have to buy healthy food. You can favor fish, vegetables, rice and seaweed for a healthier, Japanese meal.

3 - Prepare the meal according to recipes

As far as recipes go, you're in luck, we offer our best recipes directly on the Bento Cook Blog. Choose your recipe, apply it and enjoy!

4 - Divide the food into compartments

Finally, the food has to be distributed in the compartments. Be careful not to mix all the dishes together to keep the tastes fresh, separate and delicious. This is more practical with a good bento lunch box, as we'll explain below.

The practical and reusable choice.

Now that we've explained what a Healthy Bento is and how to make it, you'll be able to enjoy it and impress your friends and family. In order to make your Bento recipes, there is probably still something missing…

Step 1, you need a compartmentalized Bento Box to make your dishes. Take the opportunity to choose a practical, ecological, microwaveable and reusable box, directly from our collection of Bento Boxes.

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