lunch bag and compartment

The Best Way to Carry your Food.

Tired of eating expensive and fatty meals when you're not at home ? At university, at work or on outings?

Reverse the curve 🍱

Tired of seeing the number on your scale go up ? 📈

And the number on your account going down ? 📉

We understand you, it's always complicated to find time to cook during breaks and we often end up opting for bad quality meals on site.

Lack of time, Gain of fat, Loss of money... But what is the solution to get out of this hell?

We discovered it in 2009:
The Bento Box ♥

The re-usable and compartmentalized box designed in japan.

This re-usable and compartmentalized box is the perfect accessory to carry food.

For over 10 years now, we have been helping our customers change their lives by adopting this reflex for their meals.

They tell you about it :

I save time during meals at the office and I have lost 3 kilograms since using the Bento Box.


That's great! I am happy to cook healthy meals for my children. Also, there are a lot of good recipes on the site.


I take my Bento Box everywhere with me. I recommend it for weight training. Perfect in my bag.


Bento Cook

Can you imagine ?


Our Recipe e-Book for Free 🥢

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Change Your Life Today 🍱


Yes, because it is re-usable. No more plastic packaging.

Planning your meals allows you to reduce your expenses.

Cooked meals are better for your health. You nibble less and you can follow healthy recipes thanks to the bento box.