The Best Way to Carry your Food.

Tired of eating expensive and fatty meals when you're not at home ? At university, at work or on outings?

Reverse the curve 🍱

Tired of seeing the number on your scale go up ? 📈

And the number on your account going down ? 📉

We understand you, it's always complicated to find time to cook during breaks and we often end up opting for bad quality meals on site.

Lack of time, Gain of fat, Loss of money... But what is the solution to get out of this hell?

We Discovered it in 2009 : The Bento Box ❤

The reusable and compartmentalized box designed in japan.

This re-usable and compartmentalized box is the perfect accessory to carry food.

For over 10 years now, we have been helping our customers change their lives by adopting this reflex for their meals.

They tell you about it :


Can you imagine ?

Can you imagine yourself in just a few weeks, preparing good meals with our recipes, enjoying them at work, losing weightsaving your money for the things that really matter ? Well it is possible with the Bento Box. People will look at you differently, they will see a strong person who takes care of himself.

Where will you be in 1 year if you don't change your habits ?


Yes, because it is re-usable. No more plastic packaging.

Planning your meals allows you to reduce your expenses.

Cooked meals are better for your health. You nibble less and you can follow healthy recipes thanks to the bento box.

All Bento Boxes 🍱

Who is Bento-Cook ? 🍙

Straight out of France and the French-Japanese mix: bento-cook is an online store and a team of two entrepreneurs able to turn your food upside down and turn it in the right direction. The bentos that we will offer will spice up your life and that of your children and your family as I have seen. No more boxes that don't fit in your backpack, no more dripping sauces, no more joints that are hard to put on, no more food that goes in the bag, and no more food that comes out of the boxes for your picnic. Thanks to bento-cook you have more than 200 different kinds of bento-boxes for the whole family and even to give to your friends: no more monotonous boxes with only one color or transparent ones, and you can celebrate with the stars of the take-away boxes everywhere. The bento box bento-cook boxes come with the cutlery that matches your box and a storage space to slide them in once you're done eating. They will be kept clean so you can reuse them and not lose them.

You can use our specially designed bags containing bentos to arrive chic at your office and eat healthy instead of an unbalanced fast food lunch. Our site also offers a wide range of recipes adapted to the bentos box and in small portions. So you can eat balanced while eating and cooking. You can also write to us if you have a problem with bentos or bentos recipes we will gladly answer.

Also think about your "otakus" children who may be dreaming of eating Japanese food in a traditional wooden bento: it is now possible with! 🙂

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