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Are you tired of leaky boxes? Or emptying your bag of your homemade sauce ?

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👍 Gain in organization

With your Bento Bento-cook you will have a box that will withstand a long-lasting impact thanks to their hard plastic or durable stainless steel coating. The seals on the sides of your bentos will ensure that your dishes do not disperse in your bag and that your sauces do not leak.

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🌿 Stay and eat unique

No more bland and conventional transparent boxes. Add colour to your bentos thanks to a wide choice of material combinations and different colour variations. So with your bento bring your meal during your picnic or your meal.

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🌍 Reduce your waste

The Bentos will allow you to keep your meal leftovers and take them away so no more waste and food wastage. You will also be able to finish your meals later during your work which is very practical.

Customer reviews

I'm a contractor and I don't have time to cook. I offered my wife her bentos so that she could make me good, healthy and balanced meals. Thanks to her and bento-cook! 

Daniel P.

Retired for 5 years my passion is fishing. The usefulness of a bento to make your meals in advance and to be able to fish and picnic seemed to me quite stupid and it's a pleasure.

Jax H.

I have been a nurse for several years and it is a pleasure to be able to let my colleagues taste my recipes during the break, especially in pretty boxes. I also use her bentos for my children's lunchtime snacks.

Felicity F
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Bento Recipes

At bento-cook we know you love to cook, that's why we have a blog to help you cook with your Lunch-box and put a sesame seed in your life for your lunches !

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